Stuck in the Mud

So…where are we now?

Now that we’re up to date with all our past trip reports I guess you might be wondering what next? To be honest…we’re also wondering!

Unfortunately our Land Rover has let us down again. It had been running beautifully after the major repairs last year but suddenly developed an electronic fault at the end of May. I got into the car one afternoon to go off to the shops and it wouldn’t start. The lights all lit normally on the dash but the engine wouldn’t turnover…just a click. I thought the battery had drained so contacted our friends at Twin Landy to arrange for them to bring a replacement. They brought a new battery and fitted it but the car still wouldn’t start. We then had the car transported to their workshop and it’s been there ever since.

To cut a very long story short, after checking every wire, fuse and connection (and there are plenty on that vehicle!) they couldn’t find the fault. They then had the car tested by an auto electrician and the local Land Rover dealership. The consensus was that the ECU was at fault and needed to be replaced. That had to be ordered and made up by Land Rover in the UK. It finally arrived in South Africa a couple of weeks ago and is currently with the local Land Rover dealer (with the old ECU) for coding. Hopefully we’ll soon be back on the road!

I’m sure that many of you are asking why we don’t just cut our losses and get another car? Most of our family members have certainly suggested that. Easy answer…we both love our Land Rover and want to give it another chance. It will take a while to regain confidence in it’s reliability again but we don’t give up easily!

Watch this space for future developments.





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