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Stuck in the Mud – a dream is born.

Hi…I’m Dave. Way back in 1973 at the age of 18 I was involved in an army vehicle accident while doing National Service in what was then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). I suffered a spinal injury which resulted in paralysis of my legs. Obviously a life changing event but thanks to wonderfully supportive family and friends I’ve lived a pretty comfortable and fulfilled life.

I’ve always loved the outdoors and camping and wildlife. I’d experienced a fair bit of those pleasures as a child but life in a wheelchair meant that trips to the bush had to be limited to more accessible places such as Kruger National Park. I listened with awe and envy to family and friends relating stories of their travelling and camping experiences in the more remote parts of Botswana and Namibia and Zimbabwe. For me, it seemed that those types of trips were unattainable. I really did feel Stuck In The Mud!

So what changed? Well, in 2011 my younger brother (John) posted some photos of his trip up to Moremi National Park in Botswana. One of the photos was of their campsite at 3rd Bridge and an associated comment was: “Dave…you could manage there. The campsites are level and the ground is firm”. A seed was sown!

But this isn’t only about me. It’s very definitely about us because what has happened since the sowing of that seed could never have happened without my wife, Pippa…from moral support and shared enthusiasm to taking on the physical load necessary to make camping in the wild a reality. We work as a team and I do as much as I can but Pippa inevitably ends up doing the bulk of the packing and unpacking and lifting and carrying. Especially in sandy campsites!

Germination of the sown seed was quick. Within 3 months we’d bought a second hand Land Rover Discovery 3, a tent, camp beds and all sorts of camping equipment that we thought would be essential. We then realised that we had so much stuff we’d need an off-road trailer to carry it all. It didn’t take long to find one. We were on a mission and already planning our first African adventure!

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13 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Darraaz

    Your experiences and how you have came about dealing with them in such a positive manner is truly inspiring, the sincerity in writing your reports rivals above and amongst the best, your disablity proves to inspire those who are well and able to go out there and experience the beauty of God, and again the support of Pippa encapsulates the power of love!! Well done Dave and Pippa!!

    God Bless!!

  2. Ivan Bub

    Why an amazing experience! Your story is totally captivating and those incredible photos …would love to see you write a book of your travels ! Totally awesome .

  3. Gordon Ferguson

    So glad you’ve got this up and running, Dave and Pippa.. I look forward to reading about your adventures and escapades in the bush, and seeing your brilliant photographs!

  4. Beverley Gale.

    I look forward to seeing you share you experiences, with other disabled persons who can also learn from your adventures, on how to maximize life’s opportunities.

  5. John Gale

    A good start Dave, a lot to build on and I’m sure will provide some interesting reading as you build on your experiences…

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