Stuck in the Mud

At last…Another trip is soon to happen!

It’s been a while since we last posted anything. The simple reason for that is that we’ve had nothing of interest to post in recent months! That’s about to change. Bookings have been made and final preparations are under way for another trip up to Botswana and Zimbabwe. In fact, in four weeks time we’ll be on the road again. Happiness is! 🙂


A map showing our planned round trip route

Our planned round trip route which will cover 6 500kms.

We’ll be away for nearly 4 weeks. The first 3 days will be en route to the Botswana border at Martins Drift. From there the real fun begins! We’ll be spending 2 nights at Kubu Island which is  a dry granite rock island located in the Makgadikgadi Pan area of Botswana. Then we’ll spend a night at Pandamatenga (on the Botswana/Zimbabwe border) before going to Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. We’ll be camping at Ngweshla for 5 nights and then Deteema for another 2 nights. We can’t wait to get going!

From Hwange we’ll stop off in Bulawayo for a night before heading on to Harare for a week and then the long trek home. Hopefully at the end of it all we’ll have some excitement and lots of photos to share.





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